You can help advocate on behalf of United Way by becoming involved!

As you explore our website, consider sharing what you learn with neighbors and freinds. Help spread the word about the work we are doing and encourage support through volunteerism and donations.

Want to learn more about being invoved with United Way and our efforts - give us a call. 989-732-8929 We would love to talk with you more about how your input can help support our work and guide our direction for improving the quality of life in Otsego County.

We work to strengthen the basic building blocks of a strong society by focusing on Income (financial stability for citizens), Education and Health.

Education: By focusing on a quality education for our youth and encouraging academic completion, we substantially increase their ability to find a stable job.

  • Helping struggling youth complete high school requirements
  • Helping young children as they learn to read, so they can effectively read to learn when the time comes

Income: It is absolutely critical that families are financially stable and independent. It is impossible for families to be successful without sufficient income to support a growing family that will last through retirement.

  • Assisting those in crisis by providing emergency utility funding for those who qualify
  • Assisting those in crisis by providing emergency housing for families who are at risk of eviction & the homeless
  • Providing support, information & referral, coordination of funding to anyone in the community experiencing an emergency

Health: Even if people have a quality education and adequate income, it means nothing if they do not have their health. A healthy mind, body and spirit go a long way toward accomplishing the first two building blocks.