The Otsego County United Way Board has established the 2013-14 campaign goal as $185,000., but in Otsego County it is not about the goal, it's about the need. With the effects of the recession continuing in our community, the needs for programs and services we support are greater than ever. This year we will work to include more businesses in our campaign efforts, challenge them and the community to LIVE UNITED by making this goal a reality, and invite you to help celebrate our success on behalf of EVERYONE in Otsego County. Not pledged or donated yet? WE MISS YOU, and we need you. Please consider hitting the "Donate" button and making that donation now.

With the economy languishing, the need for the programs that United Way supports is greater than ever. We know that many people won't be able to contribute as much as they have in the past, so we plan to expand our campaigns into additional workplaces, increase the percentage of employees donating in each, and increase our residential and small business fundraising. Please consider donating to the campaign this year and rest easy knowing that you are helping people year around.

Why Conduct a Workplace Campaign?
Benefits for your company:
• Builds employee morale and fosters a sense of team spirit
• Cultivates leaders through employee development opportunities
• Provides information on critical community issues and opportunities to be a part of the solution
• Connects your company and employees to the community
• Benefits for individuals
• Helps employees make informed investments
• Helps employees become involved with local non-profit agencies
• Provides information on local health and human service needs
Why Partner with United Way?
• To maximize impact
• Brings together individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and agencies
• Collaborates on targeted community solutions
• To drive positive community change
• Addresses root causes of problems, not just symptoms
• Invests in proven solutions and supports innovative ideas
• Measures results and reports back to you
• To reach the whole community
• Offers a centralized, community-wide fundraising approach
• Provides cost-effective and efficient services
• Supports local nonprofit health and human service agencies
• Provides volunteer opportunities such as Day of Caring and more through the United Way Volunteer Center and RSVP programs